Somatic healing with Sisters Rising in Rhyme

Build trust and vulnerability in your team through breathwork, somatic tools and mindfulness in this powerful workshop


London, UK


£180.00 – £420.00 per person



A Virtual Boketto Club Experience

  • Duration: 60-120 Minutes
  • Group Size: Any Size
  • Lead Time: 1 Week
  • Minimum Spend: £200 GBP
  • Here's what you'll do

    Your team will meet Augusta Jane, a renowned poet and speaker on somatic empowerment, vulnerability and strength. Have you ever wondered what your boss actually needs or why your colleagues do not communicate in a way you understand? Augusta's workshops work on such questions to increase team bonding and cohesion in intuitive ways.

    Workshops for your team

    Extra-Terrestrial Team Building

    Uncannily accurate, the planets' position at our time of birth can explain who we really are, how we appear to others and how we like to communicate and take action. With this insight, you'll boost the productivity and understanding of your team. Resulting in more cohesive teams who understand how to get the best from each other and for the business. This session would be good for any teams who want to understand how to get the best from their collegues and draws on the princiles for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), character profiling and birth chart data. This workshop is limited to small teams of six or less as it includes detailed analysis on each participant.

    Stratospheric Success

    Have you ever wondered why some products launched whilst others crashed? It's all in the timing. Learn how and when to launch based on cycles of the moon, how to visualise and achieve success and how to plan realistic action-focused steps to achieve the success you deserve. This session would be good for any teams who want to use a new system to plan and take action. You will learn how to set clear and realistic goals and let go of the blockages stopping you from reaching them. This workshop can accommodate up to 50 participants.

    Somatic Stress Busters

    Self-awareness and self-expression are the two most under-utilised business skills. In this workshop, you'll learn how the primal brain responds to stressful situations and how to override your brain's response to stress through Emotional Freedom Technique and somatic tools. You'll be guided through the expression of fear, anger, grief and given tools to use when you need them. This is a highly interactive session where you will be encouraged to move and make sound. This workshop can accommodate up to 50 people.

    Feel Good Women's Poetry Evening

    Augusta will read a selection of her humorous and thought-provoking poetry from her Womb Wisdom collection and her upcoming Book: Embodied. Guaranteed laughter and inspirational discussions. This workshop can accommodate a large groups above 50 people.

    Cancellation and Refund Policy

    All workshops are fully refundable on cancellations up to 5 days prior to your experience date. For any cancellations after this period, please email and a member of our team will manage your booking cancellation.

    Your Host

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    Augusta Jane is a multifaceted professional with a trailing career in law and primary school teaching. Working with eleven-year old's, she witnessed how self-doubt and low self-esteem begins to manifest early in life and continue into adult life. She then began a career working with somatic tools, mindfulness and yoga to teach people and teams how they can trust their intuition and learn to accept themselves for they truly are to chart a healthy life.