Mindfully bake flatbreads from around the world

Explore cultural backgrounds and heritage behind some of the most icon flatbreads globally


Finsbury Park, London, UK


£35.00 – £55.00 per person



A Virtual or In-Person Boketto Club Experience

  • Duration: 120-150 Minutes
  • Group Size: Up to 100 people (virtual); 15 people (in-person)
  • Minimum Spend: £200 GBP
  • In-Person Location: Finsbury Park, London
  • What you'll do

    Join Leila and put your team's baking skills to the test by making your own flatbreads from scratch with organic and vegan, pre-measured and, locally sourced ingredients. Your team will learn the fail-proof, step-by-step techniques to make deliciously fresh flatbreads recipes from around the world whilst talking about the history and provenance of the ingredients. Spark a conversation about mindful eating and lifestyle and share an opportunity to encourage healthier habits with your team members.

    Virtual and In-Person Experience

    The online flatbread baking class is perfect for teams (even with amateur baking skills!) to widen their baking abilities. This can either be an in-person workshop near Finsbury Park, London for up to 15 people or a virtual experience with home-delivered kits for up to 100 people. Each member of your team will receive their own flatbread making kit which includes the flatbread recipe, dry ingredients and any preparation guidelines a week in advance. Your team will receive a zoom link with clear joining instructions and you'll be supported by Leila live as you begin baking together!

    Your team has two options to join Leila in-person: you can either meet at her studio located in Finsbury Park, London or Leila can join you with the flatbread kits at your offices or designated location.

    Flatbread Options:

  • Taboon Flatbread: Taboon is a soft and versatile pocket bread which originates from southern Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Jordan) and is often filled with cheese and aromatic herbs.
  • Kisra Flatbread: Kisra is a spongy and thin fermented bread popular in Sudan and South Sudan. It's nutritious and is made from an ancient grain called sorghum.
  • Pita Flatbread: Pita is a soft and wholemeal bread blended with spices. It has a balanced nutty flavour with a hint of spice and is often eaten with olives, hummus as a savoury and healthy snack.
  • Your Host

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    Leila is a trained human rights lawyer, food and bread lover. She was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to London ten years ago, here she shares stories of her life as a professional migrant woman, urban experience and cultural heritage through her love for baking. She is a mindful eater and enjoys sharing stories of culinary diversity through her workshops.