Fire up hoppers with Sri-Lankan meal kits

Enjoy an authentic Sri Lankan meal with your team but only after putting their cooking skills to the test!


London, UK


£25.00 – £55.00 per person



A Virtual Boketto Club Experience

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Group Size: Any Size
  • Lead Time: 2 weeks
  • Minimum Spend: £200 GBP
  • Delivery Range: UK and Europe-wide
  • What you'll do

    Enjoy an ultimate Sri Lankan feast - savory and sweet Hoppers, spicy curries, and delicious Arrack cocktails! An unbeatable and utterly unique food & drink experience.

    Your team will learn how to make authentic Sri Lankan hoppers & cocktails, from scratch at home. This is the real deal, no pre-made mix - you’ll be using our very own tried and tested recipe to become experts of Sri Lankan Hoppers, an artisan product.

    Sri Lankan Meal Kits

    The kit contains all the specialist equipment and ingredients to make both savory and sweet hoppers.

    Note: please select the meal kits to be delivered at least 5 days before your team experience day. Meal kits will be delivered to participant prefered address, please be ready to input those for all participants as part of the booking process. Meal kits can only be delivedred in the UK and across Europe.

    Kit items, based on selection:

  • Hopper Pan
  • Specialist spatula
  • All the specialist ingredients to make roughly 20 hoppers
  • Our step by step recipe cards to make the perfect hopper
  • Jaggery and instructions to make Sweet Hoppers
  • Pol Sambol Kit
  • Devilled Potatoes Kit
  • 2 x 50ml Ceylon Arrack Miniatures
  • Your Host

    Host image

    Hello! I'm Rosh. I was brought up eating authentic spicy Sri Lankan food, and I was bemused as to why this amazing cuisine was not more well known. I decided to focus on one of the hardest but also the most iconic Sri Lankan dishes – the hopper. I learnt from Sri Lankan cooks how to make these authentically, and coupled these with family recipes to create a hoppers street food business selling Sri Lankan hoppers, short eats and spicy sambals and curries. I run this business alongside being a part-time lawyer and mum of 5 year old twins!